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Ephedrine is a naturally occurring substance derived from the herbs of the Ephedra family, commonly called by their Chinese name ma huang. It is used as an ingredient in several types of of the counter medications including those used to treat asthma and congestion. Its popularity skyrocketed, however, when it was discovered that Ephedrine was very effective at burning fat. A large number of products have come to market which contain Ephedrine and are designed to help people lose weight. All of your options should be examined before starting Ephedrine to be sure that it is a better choice for your weight loss needs than one of the many new prescription weight loss medications that have come to market in the last few years.

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Its ability to aid the fat burning process is of great benefit and has made it easier for a great number of people to stick to their diet plans and reach their weight loss goals. Ephedrine works so well because in addition to its ability to help the body break down fat and burn it as fuel, it also acts as an appetite suppressant. This helps dieters overcome the two largest obstacles to weight loss, the hunger pangs and the overeating that results when the pangs become too much to deal with. Caloric intake can be reduced without feeling hungry and Ephedrine will also give you a slight increase in energy so you do not feel tired or sluggish as can often be the case on a restricted calorie diet. The metabolic rate is increased so that more calories are burned with the same amount of activity. Ephedrine is also able to help alleviate some of the other symptoms brought on by being overweight such as swelling of the extremities by increasing the body’s urine production through the stimulation of kidney activity and removing the excess fluid. This also flushes many other unwanted toxins from the body which also helps in returning to an optimum level of health.

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